Development Of Goals and Objectivies
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“Draft” Long Range Plan for the Parish of Christ Church, Gananoque

Mission Statement for Christ Church
To Grow in love and understanding of Jesus Christ and to share this openly as a community and in our world

Key Elements of Mission Statement


GOAL: To create an active discipleship community of faith by helping parishioners know, understand, and believe what it means to follow Jesus Christ.


1. Help people understand what it means to be a disciple of Jesus Christ. This will be accomplished by:
o Preaching a 4 part sermon series on discipleship, May 2004
o Provide a series of ‘Inter-active’ sermons (opportunity for parishioners to pose questions to the preacher) once every 2 months at the 10 a.m. service, Oct. 2004
o Offer an Instructed Eucharist for both Sunday services, Winter, 2005
o Book Studies
o Rick Warren’s, “The Purpose Driven Life”, Winter 2004
o John Bowen, “Evangelism for Normal People”, Fall 2004
o Continue to offer others books for study
o Series of Adult Catechesis courses called “The Confirmation and Re-Confirmation of our Anglican Faith”
 Series on “Anglicanism” on Wed evenings during Advent, 04
 Series on the “Creed” on Wed evenings during Lent, 05
 Possible subsequent courses to offer: “What role does the Holy Spirit play in my life?”, “What does it mean to be a moral person?”, “Prayer” etc.
o Invite speakers to address needs of young families during monthly pot-luck dinners for young adults

2. Regular communication of parish business and its vision to parishioners. This will be accomplished by:
o Quarterly financial reports by Wardens
o Summary of Parish Council Minutes in the bulletin
o Update Parish List July, 2004

3. Develop a stronger sense of community. This will be done by:
o Introduction of name tags to be worn at both services, Fall, 2004
o Hold a ‘Who is coming to dinner?’ program three times a year, Fall, 2004
o Encourage parish socials: Spring parish picnics, Square Dances, parish retreats, Other suggestions?
• Celebrate parish’s 150 anniversary in 2007!


GOAL: Encourage and equip laity to exercise their God-given gifts to forward the ministry and outreach of Christ Church.

1. Create a network of small groups in the parish. This will be accomplished by:
o Conducting a small Group Leadership Training Day, Fall, 2005
o Developing a small group network, Winter, 2006

2. Provide ongoing training for Lay Readers – e.g., Preaching, Prayer and Tradition in the Fall of 2004, 05 and 06

3. Social Outreach programs:
o Food Bank Drive by youth group, Oct. 2004
o A foreign mission project, Fall, 04
o Parish Float in Gananoque Christmas Parade, Nov. 2004
o Consider community relationships with organized groups in Gananoque
o Organ recital to celebrate completion of organ restoration, Winter 2005

4. Regular recognition of parishioner’s gifts and ministries.

5. Expand parishioner input and ministries opportunities
o Long Range Strategic Plan that involves House Group Meetings, development of mission statement, goals and objectives and its implementation, Fall 2004
o Yearly ministry evaluation questionnaire
o Offering a workshop on ‘what are our gifts?’ January 2005


GOAL: To provide a worship opportunity that is spiritually uplifting, addresses present-day concerns, appreciates different music styles, facilitates the inclusion of newcomers, yet sensitive to our Anglican tradition.

1. Involve children on Sunday morning worship, Feb. 2003.
o Regular children stories followed by children’s song
o A special ‘family’ service, once a month - 4 times a year?

2. A blend of traditional organ and contemporary styles of music (e.g., guitar, flute etc.) at the 10 o’clock service

3. Introduce the use of an overhead projector and screen at the 10 service by Jan. 2005 to help the liturgy be more accessible for newcomers.

4. Offer sermons that are biblically sound, precise and help parishioners connect the Gospel with their day-to-day lives Fall 2003.

5. MP on the 5th Sunday of the month at the 8 service, except when this Sunday falls on a feast day, February 2004.

6. Consider introducing a 3rd contemporary service

7. Expand lay leadership in both Sunday services, September 2004.
o 10 o’clock service – more lay readers, chalice bearers and readers
o 8 o’clock service – readers fall, 2004

8. Implement an 5 o’clock Christmas service, December 2003.

9. Emphasize the role of prayer in the parish
o Prayer workshop which would draw resources from the Anglican Fellowship of Prayer
o Increase awareness of our parish prayer chain.
o Hold a “quiet days” during Advent and Lent.


GOAL: Expand and develop a sense in the parish that we are all called to take care – i.e., be stewards - of everything we have for the purpose of sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the world.

1. Expand lay involvement on Sunday morning worship
o Coordinate team of prayer leaders, Fall 2004
o More lay readers and increase number of readers and chalice administrators.
o Lay preaching?

2. Gift development and awareness workshop, Fall 2006

3. Series on Stewardship for children, Spring 2004

4. Addition of Stewardship Coordinator to parish council, Feb. 2004

5. Financial stewardship awareness:
o Provide quarterly financial update
o Promote Authorized gift-giving plan
o Estate planning workshop, Mike to invite John Robinson for Fall to preach
o Proportionate Giving Guideline for congregational giving
o Ongoing teaching about “tithing” and the “joy of giving”


GOAL: Create a loving, caring and open-minded community of faith in Christ that encourages people to join the parish and learn about and follow Jesus Christ.

1. A newcomer’s committee
o Presently Margery Latimer coordinates our greeters and welcomes newcomers
o Welcoming training program
2. Create a Youth Group, April 2004

3. Better marketing of our parish – website, newspaper, word of mouth

4. Develop a men’s group Fall, 2004

5. Vacation bible school (VBS) program each summer

6. Continue to enhance Sunday school program
o On-going training for teachers
o Increase # of teachers from 6 to 8 by January 2005

7. Create a visitation committee for Shut-ins, Fall, 2004

Evaluation Process of our Long Range Plan

o By the Fall of 2004 the Sexton, Secretary/Treasurer, Organist/Choir Director and the Incumbent will provide a draft of their Job Description. Each draft Job Description shall be reviewed by the Warden’s, Rector and Parish Council. Each Job Description will be used as a benchmark to conduct a yearly evaluation for each position.
a. It will be the responsibility of the Rector, Warden’s and Parish Council to conduct this evaluation.

o An evaluation of the implementation of the Parish’s overall strategic plan will consist of the following:
a. Monthly evaluation of plan’s implementation by Parish Council
b. Yearly parish wide evaluation of plan’s implementation by means of a questionnaire
c. The guidelines for this evaluation will be an adapted version of the ‘BASIC BENCHMARKS’ offered by the ‘Diocese of Ontario Parish Review Process’.