History Of Christ Church
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History Of Christ Church

Gananoque was one of the many settlements where in the early eighteen hundreds there were small groups of Anglican Church people who received the ministrations of a traveling missionary. In 1854, Bishop John Strachan of Toronto ordained The Rev. John Carroll and appointed him Missionary for Leeds County with headquarters at Gananoque. For some years, services had been held in an old school house and also in a small chapel at the corner of King and Church Streets.

On arriving here as a resident minister, Mr. Carroll took up his work with great enthusiam. A student of Church architecture, he drew up the plans for Christ Church. The Cornerstone was laid on June 29, 1857 and this stone church was built. The first services in the completed church were held on December 19, 1858. The steeple and spire were added to the graceful sandstone structure in 1880.

The stone Rectory on Princess Street was built after the completion of the church. The Parish Hall was built in 1901. In 1921, the stone Rectory was sold and the present Rectory was built at the rear of the church property.

Christ Church and our congregation have served our Town, our Diocese and all Canada with distinction. Members of Christ Church have become Mayors, Councillors, Parliamentarians and business leaders from local to international scale. Our members have fought in two World Wars and three other major conflicts. Twenty-seven of our young men died to defend what we have today.

Christ Church is proud of its affiliation with Camp Hyanto, Lyndhurst, Ontario, since it was founded in 1946. The first doctor, nurse, spiritual director and many counsellors were members of our parish. The first cabin was constructed by a member of Christ Church for Mrs. E.K. Stabler in memory of her husband, both parishioners. The annual maintenance of the nurse's cabin continues to be the responsibility of Christ Church.

Mission Statement

“Draft” Summary of a Five Year Plan for Christ Church

Mission Statement
To Grow in love and understanding of Jesus Christ and to share this openly as a community in our world

Key Elements of our Mission Statement

GOAL: Form a discipleship community of faith by helping parishioners know, understand and believe what it means to follow Jesus Christ.

GOAL: Recognize the laity’s God-given gifts and provide opportunities to exercise their gifts to forward the ministry and outreach of Christ Church.

GOAL: To provide a worship experience that is spiritually uplifting, addresses present-day concerns, appreciates different styles of music, facilitates the inclusion of newcomers, yet is sensitive to our Anglican tradition.

GOAL: Expand and develop a sense in the parish that we are all called as Disciples of Christ to take care – i.e., be stewards – of everything we have for the purpose of witnessing to the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the world.

GOAL: Foster a loving, caring and open-minded community of faith in Christ that will encourage people to join the parish and learn about and follow Jesus Christ.